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So, i have heard a few people say they use vinegar with hot water in their steam cleaner to clean their carpets and that is it? Ok, can it be that easy. I love vinegar and use it to clean alot in my house, but just wondering how it would work in a steam cleaner. If anyone has tried how much vinegar did you use. I just hate the idea of the chemical cleaners, so if you have any other solutions beside vinegar that isn’t chemically that’d be great too..

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3 Responses to “Using vinegar in your steam cleaner?”

  1. toymama Says:

    I use it in my steam cleaner all the time. I mix a gallon of hot water with a few tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of tide. I was told to do this by a previous professional carpet cleaner. He told me that he thought it actually worked better than some commercial carpet cleaners. I have used it ever since and always had good luck with it.

  2. momoftwo Says:

    Try it

  3. Andra S Says:


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