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i have white carpet so i know it wouldn’t hurt the color of the carpet. i was just wondering if it could damage my steam cleaner?

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7 Responses to “can i put clorox in my steam cleaner for carpet?”

  1. Mr. G Says:

    if you want the right answer, do not put bleach, which is a diluted sodium hypochlorite. it damages all metals if heated and if exposed to bare metals, that is why the inside of your washer is lined in porcelain. you will ruin your steam cleaner. may not see it now, but it will damage it long term. bleach also contains an acid that when heated with an element will cause severe eye and tissue irritation and soft tissue damage

  2. Sassydude Says:

    Clorox is bleach. No matter wghat color your carpet is it will damage your carpet.

  3. rollwit200276 Says:

    NO you are going to damage your rug and you could hurt yourself breathing in the bleach.

  4. santobugito Says:

    You can, just don’t put much of it. I used to do it all the time.

  5. Max J Says:

    The increased chlorine content will cause pitting corrosion on the heating element, so yes, it can damage your steam cleaner.

    Chlorine gas was also used by the Nazi’s in WWII during trench warfare, so creating chlorine gas in your home might be a bad idea.

  6. pattiann Says:

    There is a cleaning solution for white carpets (check the area where cleaners are rented), or use Woolite with Oxygen for Carpets (sold with the carpet cleaning supplies).

    Never use laundry products on carpet, especially bleach.

  7. Charles C Says:

    No. It can damage the carpet. Nylon and polyester, the two most common carpet fibers do not like Chlorine bleach. Look at your clothing labels, even whites that are made from these say do not use Chlorine bleach. It could do some damage to the cleaner for the reasons mentioned. I doubt that you would use a strong enough solution to cause you personal harm though.
    Now if you have wool carpet, Chlorine bleach can be used but you should not be using a steam cleaner for that unless you want it to shrink.

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