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People have told me to steam clean for a flea infestation. Does it work or does it make the fleas come out??

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6 Responses to “Does very hot steam cleaning kills fleas and larvae?”

  1. Dances With Woofs! Says:

    Yes,it should get rid of them.What you can do is to use a flea shampoo that also kills eggs and larvae, let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse and shampoo again with regular rug shampoo.

    For the dog,a combination of Frontline Plus monthly and Capstar twice a week should take care of it.

  2. katara1997 Says:

    Yes, you can use a steam cleaner on your carpet to help get rid of the infestation, but you’ll need to use an area treatment spray for your carpet, mattress, etc. and Frontline, Vectra, or Comfortis for the animals.

  3. Kristen D Says:

    I dont know the answer to that, BUT it would DEFINITELY BURN your dog. If you was, brush repeat then put frontline. Your dog should be fine.

  4. Jenny Manyteeth Says:

    Steam will certainly kill any that it actually touches, but it cannot get into every crevice. Chemical foggers will be more effective in clearing an infestation in your house. They are available at the larger pet shops, along with coordinated formulas for spraying directly on your dogs and on your lawn, to keep the house free of re-infestation. Make sure that the labels advertise the presence of an IGR [insect growth regulator].

    Do not use other flea killing formulas at the same time; mixing such chemicals can be dangerous. Follow the instructions on the packages exactly.

    Good luck!

  5. Vix Says:

    If it’s hot enough, it will kill the adults and larvae. If your steamer has good suction, it will suck up the eggs and the pupae. You’ll still need to follow it with something like Mycodex Plus spray, because some will survive the blast.

    Kristen — did you actually think the asker would steam clean the DOG??

  6. MOM and WIFE Says:

    Steam will work for your carpet and furniture, however fleas like to hide where it is dark, under furniture it cracks ect. You will need to move everything to get it all. You would be better served to use a fogger. Then make sure and frontline your animals. Even after all of that you may still see fleas however the great thing about having animals treated with frontline will soon end the problem, but you have to treat the house really well….frontline alone will not get rid of an infestation

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