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Has anyone ever tried this. Carpet shampoo is so expensive and laundry detergent is low suds.

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    7 Responses to “Can I use diluted laundry soap in my steam carpet cleaner?”

    1. GenevievesMom Says:

      1/4 cup of liquid laundry detergent and 1/2 cup of vinegar was actually what they recommended you use back before they figured out how to market a similar product and charge $30 for it.

    2. tiredlovingmum Says:

      Personally I wouldn’t use it in ours. For the amount of soap and times you use it, it isn’t that bad for the price. I would call the manufacturer first nd find out, especially if you have any warranty. The cleaner itself is more expensive to fix.

    3. majnk Says:

      we clean our rugs between professional cleanings using otc carpet shampooing products. The guy from stanley steemer who cleaned our carpets last, actually chastised me for this. he said those products were too soapy. he recommended 1/4 scoop of regular laundry detergent/gal of water into reservoir.

    4. becca Says:

      It may be low suds, but it will be different in a shampoor, than in a washer. I wouldn’t. One thing I would use is Woolite.

    5. aussie Says:

      The fellow at Home Depot told me to use diluted non sudsing ammonia to clean carpets with.

    6. sweetmoonwine Says:

      I have used dawn dishliquid and vinegar and it works well..
      have used pinesol
      have used spic and span
      and have had the same carpet cleaner for years.. never a problem and they all work well.

      Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

    7. jamitha99 Says:

      I wouldn’t recommend anything w/ soap!! Soap is a dirt attractant and will continue to attract dirt to that spot. it is IMPOSSIBLE to rinse all the soap out of the carpet no matter how diluted it is. Call a professional (ChemDry)

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